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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Google Launches First Developers Space In Lagos

Tech giant, Google, has launched its first Developers Space in Lagos, Nigeria.
Previously referred to as the Google Launchpad Space, the Google Developers Space is a hub for African developers, entrepreneurs and startups.

The development follows the commitment made by the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in July 2017, to start the Launchpad Accelerator Africa program and launch a space to house these efforts in Nigeria.


“Google is strengthening its commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa by opening the Google Developers Space today,” the Launchpad Accelerator Africa head of Operations, Onajite Emerhor, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We have partnered with Impact Hub to bring the Space to life and worked with a local company called Spacefinish, which designed it specifically to create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. We’re looking forward to working with startups and other players in the ecosystem from across the continent at the Space”.

Also, according to the statement, the tech giant would not be charging for the use of the space and it will support developer meetups, training, experts office hours, Women in tech events, startup programs (outside of Launchpad), partner events that support the wider entrepreneur and developer ecosystem, as well as Google initiatives for empowering people through digital skills training.

It further noted that Launchpad Accelerator Africa has worked with 47 startups since the first class kicked off in early 2018 and the companies have raised millions of dollars in investments and created over 900 jobs across the continent.

Also, it says Launchpad Africa has accelerated startups from 17 African countries so far, namely: Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, CΓ΄te D’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and the next class will kick off at the Google Developer Space in May 2020.

“This space is the next step to our support for developers across the continent. From our commitment to train 100,000 developers across Africa and the launch of developer merchant support in the Google Play store, making it possible for developers to earn money through apps they build. We are excited to continue our journey with the African startup and developer communities,” Country Director, Google Nigeria, Juliet Ehimuan, said.

How To Carryout A Forensic Analysis Of Your Career Following These Steps

The process of designing your career path helps map out your career blueprint. If you don’t have a career blueprint that’s aligned with your goals and passions, it’s time to renovate!

Build (branding)
Identify what education, skills, certifications, training and professional experience you’ll need to build your personal brand. As you build your brand, think about what soft skills you’ll need to work on the types of projects that will help you grow in your career path. Too often, professionals focus on necessary technical skills and forget about the communication, writing and presentation skills they’ll need to enhance their personal brand. Ask yourself these two questions:
  1. What formal education (college degrees, certifications, train­ing) do you have or need for your career path?
  2. Do you need more education, skills, or professional experience to accomplish your career goals for your chosen path?
If you lack the formal education that you need for your career path, you can’t build the foundation of your personal brand. You don’t always need a college degree to get the new role that you desire. Sometimes you just need a training course or certifications. The more technical certifications and courses you take, the more money you can demand. The Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report say that the highest-paying certifications emphasize hard skills like cloud computing and cybersecurity and people skills like networking and project management.
Test (marketing)
Test the career marketplace by creating a profile on LinkedIn and placing your resume on the most popular job board sites; this will help get you noticed by recruiters. As you market yourself, make sure you have the right buzzwords in your resume so recruiters can find you online. Ask yourself the following two questions:
  1. Does your current resume align with your desired career path?
  2. Have you created a LinkedIn profile and online job board profiles?
If your current resume doesn’t align with your career goals, you’ll find it very difficult to test your personal brand as you market yourself on LinkedIn and job board sites like and You’ll need to rehab your resume before you start marketing yourself for your dream job.
Launch (selling)
Sell your authentic self in job interviews, networking events, meetups and conferences. When you relaunch your personal brand, you want to have top-notch networking and interview skills as you present yourself to recruiters, hiring managers and fellow professionals. The art of selling yourself requires you to become comfortable introducing your personal brand to people who can help you land the job you desire. Ask yourself two questions:
  1. Do you feel comfortable getting ready for job interviews? Do you perform well in interviews?
  2. Do you attend networking events, hiring events and con­ferences to connect with like-minded professional leaders, recruiters and hiring managers?
If you need to improve your interview skills and you don’t currently attend events where you can sell your professional experience and education, you need career rehab.

Meet Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Nigerian Lady Who Built Android App That Tells Time In Yoruba Dialect


Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Osun state, has continued to draw commendations for developing ‘Yoruba Watch Faces’ — an Android app which tells time in the Nigerian dialect.

Adeyemi, who obtained a degree in computer science and mathematics from the institution, built the app in 2016, after extensive research alongside her friends.

Her interest in the project was said to have been piqued on a certain Friday after retiring from work.

While trying to check what the time was, she had curiously imagined how amazing it would be to have a watch in the Yoruba language. Adeyemi’s curiosity eventually led her to develop the now widely celebrated app.

‘Yoruba Watch Faces‘ is a collection of watch faces built in the popular local Nigerian dialect. It is said to be the first African indigenous clock app on the Play Store.
Speaking with Tech Women Lagos in December 2018, Adeyemi, who is currently a Google developer expert for Android — “the first in Nigeria” — had explained that her foray into technology started while in school.

She also noted that her passion for tech paid off as she got employment offer even before completing her time with the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC).
“While I was in school, I had friends who knew how to build apps for feature phones with J2ME and I got them to teach me,” she had said.
“That was how I got started with Software development. I dabbled into Front End Development for a while before settling on building apps for the Android platform. I got software development internship positions as a result of this hence I could hone my skills.
“I also had access to some paid courses on Udacity for free as a GDG OAU organizer and I took advantage of that. Finally, I was surrounded by a very active community of student developers who were learning or already knew how to program and they were all eager to share their knowledge. All these were good enough to ensure that I was able to get a full time job straight out of University even before NYSC.”
The innovation has also fetched her several commendations including an interview with the BBC in 2018. 

The tech guru’s innovation has since been making the headlines with many taking to social media platforms to shower encomiums on her for promoting the country’s rich culture.

This will not be the first time Nigerians would be making headlines for coming up with several innovations.

In November last year, Jerry Mallo, a 25-year-old fabrication engineer, was lauded for manufacturing Nigeria’s first ‘carbon fibre’ sports car called ‘Bennie Purrie’.

Fathia Abdullahi, a 12-year-old girl, similarly came to the global spotlight after creating a laundry-folding robot — alongside her colleagues who invented impressive gadgets. 

High Demand Agricultural Products You Can Export From Nigeria


1). Cashew Nuts:
At the start of the cashew season, the cost of cashew nuts locally are very cheap, and if exported to international buyers at this time, the profit margins could be around 30%.

But then, the profit margins are highly dependent on where the buyer is from, the state of the cashew nuts (whether raw or processed) and the price negotiated.

If you’re shipping raw cashew nuts, as at January 2020, the price is between $950 to $1,050/mt and the profit margins are between 28% to 37% depending on the price you buy from the locals for export.

If however, you’re shipping processed cashew nuts at this same time, the price is between $6,000 to $11,000 per metric tonne depending on where it is going to, and the profit margins are between 65% to 150% since four metric tonnes of raw cashew nuts produces one metric tonne of processed cashew nuts, and since you’re buying from the local community, your price is at its barest minimum.

But essentially, shipping to Europe is far more profitable than shipping to Asia.

2). Ginger:
Ginger is a widely purchased commodity from all over the world and Nigeria produces some of the best quality ginger in the world.

While the vast production rate & quality in the country is impressive, the more attractive part of the trade is the fact that it has a high economic value.

As at January 2020, fresh ginger is sold internationally in Asia at around $500 to $800 per metric tonne and dry ginger is sold at around $1,500 to $1,700 per metric tonne.

The cost of the fresh and dry ginger puts their profit margins at between 20% to 32%.

The interesting part is if you’re selling ASTA grade (higher quality) to Europe, it costs up to $2,100/mt and in many cases, costs more, pushing the profit margins to around 60% to over 100%.

3). Dry Hibiscus (Zobo Leaves):
Dry hibiscus is one of the most profitable agricultural products to export from Nigeria. It goes for around $1,550/mt as at January 2020 if shipped to South America and many other parts of the world at a 20%+ profit margin. But if shipped to the United States, it goes for between $1,800 per metric tonne to sometimes over $3,000 per metric tonne at a high-profit margin of between 60% to sometimes over 150%.

The price structure ultimately depends on where the end buyer is, who the end buyer is and what exactly they’re using it for.

4). Sesame Seeds:
Sesame seeds have a wide range of uses ranging from its application in confectionaries and also in the production of sesame oil.

If you ship raw sesame seeds unhulled, the profit margins are around 14%. You process to hulled and colour separate, the profit margins rise to 18%, but if you process and ship the sesame oil instead, the profit margin rises to more than 50%.

But depending on the where the buyer is from, and the price you procure the commodity from the farmers, the profit margins could greatly rise or slightly drop.

5). Black Stone Flower:
This is one of the most unpopular plants in the world. Mostly only people who trade it know about it, but the profit margins on the trade if procured from the source and shipped to a place like India can range from 15% to 25%.

If shipped to a place like Saudi Arabia, the profits rise to between 50% to 100%.

Depending on how you purchase and where you ship to, the profit margins could be greatly high or extremely low.

6). Sheabutter:
Sheabutter is one of the most exciting products to trade internationally because depending on where it is going to, who the buyer is, and what they’re using it for, the profit margins could be between 20% to over 300%!

Sheabutter is made from the shea nuts. So essentially, Sheabutter is an already processed agro commodity.

What makes shipping Sheabutter from Nigeria interesting is the fact that the cost of producing it as at January 2020 is a total of around $900 to $1,200 per metric tonne, but it could be sold to some direct users around the world for between $2,200/mt to sometimes more than $6,000/mt.

The key to trading Sheabutter and maximising your profit margins is in understanding the right people to sell to.

Not just anyone can be your client if you hope to make the most out of each trade. You need to cut off all the chains and go straight to the factories that need it.

It’s also interesting to know that Nigeria is the largest producer of the Shea nut fruit used in producing Sheabutter in the world

7). Peanuts:
Peanuts are one of the oldest traded agricultural products worldwide. The best part is they’re cultivated in very large commercial quantities in Nigeria, and since the international price is regulated, anyone trading it can earn a consistent 30% profit margin, provided they’re buying directly from the source.

As earlier said, everything starts and ends with where the buyer is from, who the buyer is, and what exactly they want to use the product for.

8). Cocoa Beans:
Cocoa beans are one of the most demanded agricultural products in the world. Their prices are regulated internationally, and the profit margins on each sale could be between 15% to 25% depending on how you’re sourcing the products and where the buyer is from.

While trading cocoa beans can be great, processing to cocoa butter or chocolates and exporting greatly increases the profit margins from the 20% range to between 30% to 50%. And the further it is broken down, the higher the margins can be.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

“Convince Offset To Move To Nigeria With Me “, Cardi B Says As She Shares His Agbada Photo

American rapper, Cardi B has taken to Twitter to urge Nigerians to convince her husband, Offset to move to Nigeria with her.

The tweet comes after the 27-year-old rapper reacted to Donald Trump’s order that led to the killing of an Iranian military leader, General Qasem Soleimani.

The news of his death sparked outrage as the country’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei promised ‘harsh vengeance’ on America.

Reacting, the US rapper said she will be filing for Nigerian citizenship, against the fears that Americans will henceforth be unsafe in the world.

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To prove she is serious about her decision, Cardi B shared a picture of her husband in a Nigerian native attire known as Agbada with the words;

“Convince him to move with me”

See Photo below;

Davido Shows Off The Money He Made After A Show (Video)


David Adeleke, popularly known as “Davido” shows off a huge amount of money he made from a show this January. The “Risky” crooner is excited as he says this year is going to be a great year for him.

The actual amount of money remains unknown but from the picture, it might run into millions of naira.

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He, however, assures his fans of more good music this year as he is set to shoot more videos on his new album “A Good time”

Omoyele Sowore Dancing To ‘Soapy’ By Naira Marley (Video)

Omoyele Sowore

This is an exciting moment the convener of #RevolutionNow and the CEO of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore was dancing to “Soapy” by Naira Marley.

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Mr Sowore who was recently released by DSS was seen clad with the Revolution Now beret. The former presidential candidate under the umbrella of AAC shows his ‘soapy’ skills as he vibes to the song.

Sowore has been unusually quiet in recent times as he spends much of his time with his fellow activists.

Pastor Stabs Wife In Church, Then Slits His Own Throat


Elisha Misiko, a pastor at Ground for God’s Gospel 3G Ministries, on Sunday, January 5, 2020, stabbed his wife, Ann Mughoi, at the pulpit of their church in Chembani, Bamburi in Mombasa County, Kenya.

Kisauni Sub-County Police Commander Julius Kiragu said the pastor stabbed his wife in the back and on the hand, severely injuring her.

Eyewitnesses said the pastor was aiming at the wife’s heart but she raised her hand to protect herself.

At the time of the attack, the church service was already underway.

After stabbing his wife that occurred at about 10.30am, the pastor then slit his own throat.

Police who visited the scene found a 17-page suicide note detailing the couple’s marital woes.

The pastors’ marriage was deeply troubled with the husband accusing the wife of attempting to take over the church ‘he had struggled’ to establish.

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The husband had reported his marriage troubles several times at the Kiembeni Police Station in Kisauni.

The severely injured woman was taken to Coast General Hospital where she died hours later while her husband’s body was taken to the mortuary in the same facility.

The couple had four children — three sons and a daughter.

Sandra Ikeji Calls Out Her Caterer Over Poorly Cooked Meal At Her Wedding (Photo)


Social media was treated to a lovely scene on Sunday, 5th December as Sandra, the younger sister to Linda Ikeji, had her Church wedding.

However, an unbelievable drama has ensued after the wedding.

Taking to her Instagram page on Monday, 6th December, Sandra called out the caterer who cooked at the event, accusing her of cooking a tasteless meal for her guests.

She wrote:

“@_amandagracescatering has the worse food as fast as you can from this caterer. Don’t book her, sour rice, salty afang, overly salted plantain, tasteless chicken. Bad service @_amandagracescatering go back to culinary or catering school, you need it. Don’t be deceived by the look of her food, it is tasteless. Post & delete. Worse caterer in the East @_amandagracescatering. Always a good to have a backup caterer. Thank God my mom had another caterer. When I complained she blamed her bad food on her coolers, her own coolers o.”

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Nigeria Now The Highest Producer Of Rice In Africa: Bashir Ahmad

Nigeria Now The Highest Producer Of Rice In Africa

Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New media took to his twitter page to report that Nigeria has become the largest producer in Africa.


According to the report, Nigeria has overtaken Egypt as the largest rice producer in Africa.
According to reports, Nigeria now produces 8 million tonnes out of the Africa average of 14.6 million tonnes of rice annually. Egypt used to produce 4.3 tonnes annually but suffered a decline of almost 40 per cent in the last one year.

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See his post below:


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Google Launches First Developers Space In Lagos Tech giant, Google, has launched its first Developers Space in Lagos, Nigeria. Previous...

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