Monday, 1 June 2020

How to Make Ikokore Ijebu 

Nigerian cuisine offers great diversity, which is attractive to tourists. It’s rich, tasty exquisite, though all the components are quite simple and usual. 


Nigerians widely use spices and herbs, which is typical for African cuisines, especially chili pepper. Spices make traditional dishes incredibly aromatic, tasty, and colorful. In addition to spices, Nigerian meals contain plenty of natural oils, especially palm oil and vegetable oil or groundnut oil. 


There are numerous appetizers, which are extremely diverse. Meat is one of the most important parts of Nigerian cuisine together with ikokore and other types of yam, cassava, and vegetables. 

Ikokore Recipe: one of the Many 


Ikokore is sort of yam porridge but it requires a specific type, which is called water yam (Isu Ewura). This yam has a lot of hair on the skin and it is extremely slimy when you cut it. The Ikokore Ijebu has one specific requirement: if you want it to be tasty and nourishing, you should add as much fish or meat as you can get. You are free to choose whatever you like: chicken, turkey (optionally, smoked), goat meat, veal, or smoked fish. It’s supposed to go all together in one and the same dish. In the traditional authentic ikokore Nigerian dish, they use the hot Scotch Bonnet pepper (which is called Ata rodo) and sometimes, add ground Ata Gungun (which is Cayenne pepper). 

So, let’s get down to cooking Ikokore.

Details of the Ikokore Preparation


We’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • Water yam – 1 small tuber 
  • Palm oil – 2 cooking spoons 
  • Chicken, beef or fish stock – 3 cups of water) 
  • Ata Gungun – 3 tablespoons 
  • Scotch bonnet pepper – 5-6 
  • Smoked fish – 1 or 2, depending on the size (optionally chopped) 
  • Dried fish – 1 or 2, depending on the size (optionally chopped)
  • Cooked meat (chopped) – 2 cups
  •  Grated crayfish– 3 tablespoons 
  • Smoked prawns flesh (optional) – ½ cup
  •  Ogiri Ijebu (fermented locust beans) – 1 teaspoon 
  • Salt 


Slice the water yam tuber finely. Remove the hairy peel and grate the piece as finely as possible into a bowl. 

get a pot, clean the beef, if you want to use beef, add some water into the pot and pour the beef into the pot also. Add seasoning cubes, salt, and spices. Once the beef is tender put the pot aside.

Once finished, add salt and 1 tablespoon of crayfish 

Then, if you have chosen to cook with pepper, add pepper, too, and set the bowl aside 

If you are using Scotch Bonnet pepper, blend it finely and mix with the rest of the pepper (or pepper sorts) that you have. 

After this, take a pot and heat it up on a medium fire. When hot enough, pour out the palm oil and add locust beans. SautΓ© them for a minute, add the pepper blend and salt. In case you use fish or meat stock, don’t add salt.

Now add the stock (or, if you have none, simply add the same amount of water) and keep on cooking for 2 minutes more 

After this, add the dried fish, prawns, add seasoning cubes and cook for 5 mins.

Reduce the heat to the smallest possible and start adding the grated yam. The main idea is in adding both big and small lumps of the grated mass. The smaller ones will blend with the stew, creating the smooth pleasant mass, while bigger ones will retain their form and size, creating the necessary Ikokore Ijebu consistency. Now, don’t stir the stew but let it boil for 8 to 10 minutes.

After this time, stir the stew slightly and break the biggest lumps if you think they are too big or leave them be as they are if you don’t mind. Try the stew for salt and add if necessary, add the rest of the crayfish and accurately mix the ingredients, keeping the yam lumps whole.

You can serve it with beef, fish or any other protein you prefer. 

Well, it’s the final part of the cooking the Ikokore food. It will take 3 to 5 minutes, and you can enjoy it. 



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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Epic throwback photo of Osita ‘Paw Paw’ Iheme with Hollywood legend, Eddie Murphy goes viral

Nigerian veteran actor, Osita Iheme, popularly and widely known as Paw Paw has taken Nigerians down memory lane with a photo of himself and American actor, Eddie Murphy.

Paw Paw took to his Instagram page to casually drop a million dollar photo of himself and globally celebrated American actor, Eddie Murphy, popularly known for his role in the iconic movie, Coming to America with a sequel to be released 7, August 2020.

Many social media users and fans have shown respect to the Nigerian actor for having come in contact with a legendary Hollywood actor. The legendary actor simply wrote: “#tbt with Eddie Murphy” See the post below:

A post shared by OsitaihemeMFR (@ositalheme) on

Source: CorrectNg

J’Martins defends Jude Okoye, reveals their history with May D and Cynthia Morgan

Veteran singer, J. Martins, has come out to defend Jude Okoye against the allegations leveled against him by Cynthia Morgan. He said Jude did his best to help and support Cynthia Morgan and May D, who also claimed that he never got paid for all he did for the Okoye brothers. The ‘Good or Bad’ singer also pleaded with Jude Okoye to forgive and put the whole issue to rest. J.Martins also called on Peter and Paul to get back together as Psquare, and also tasked Cynthia Morgan and May D to make a great comeback. He wrote:

“I made a promise to myself that i will never discuss anything that has to do with my brothers the Okoye’s family or ( Psquare ) on social media platforms not minding pressures from left right and centre. Jude have always been the elder brother to all of us while he was the manager as well too. Our relationship as young hustlers/ brothers as at when i joined them started more then a decade and half about 16years or more, from Ilupeju together then to Omole phase 1 and building the psquare studio in omole house then and the rest is history, so when i say that to you all that before you talk or bash someone by jumping into conclusions, always make sure that you do your due diligence and have your facts right. Well I’m not here to discuss Peter & Paul because this two are kind hearted & lovely beautiful personalities in their own ways nor the reason for the separation of the group ( Psquare ) because that’s a family matter and just like all of us come from our different families and we all have our own issues, none of you will bring the issues in your family to the public for sentiments or public pity expect maybe you don’t have respect for your family. First of all I will like to say A Very Big Thank You to Jude for speaking up & please do this more often big bro meanwhile I’m here to say that on the contract issues with Cynthia Morgan & May D, all this happened right in front of all of us. Yes nobody knows it all and just like the saying goes “anybody can make mistakes” & nobody is perfect. On Jude’s position, I Stand. Jude did the very best he knew to help each of their music careers and support them but i guess that lessons have been learned. I will like to please ask Jude my elder brother to forgive and let this whole issue be laid to rest, while i’m trusting God and looking forward to seeing my two twin brothers Peter & Paul ( Psquare ) MAKE A COMEBACK in our very EYES while we’re all still alive. To Cynthia Morgan ( Da German Juice Queen ) I pray you make a great comeback & to May D please make a great comeback too. #bringbackpsquare #letlovelead #forgiveness”

Baby born during Coronavirus pandemic refuses to smile in pictures


A 3-month-old baby, Olive, has become a viral sensation expressing an angry face while taking passport photos. The baby’s mother, Alice, while speaking to Metro UK about the photo-taking incident said:
 “I suppose her expression does sum up 2020: Complete confusion of this crazy time she has been born in to.” “My partner James works from home and my three-year-old son was playing nicely.”
“Olive had just woken, so I thought this was a good opportunity to have a go at getting a shot. Since the day she was born, Olive has looked pretty angry!” “At my six-week check (over the phone) the health visitor had asked whether she was smiling yet (a six-week milestone) and she definitely hadn’t smiled, her frown was strong though.” “They even called me a few weeks later to check… and she finally had, but we certainly get more frowns than smiles. To try and get a good passport photo without Olive wriggling, I shouted to my husband James to come down to hold her.” “In the requirements for a passport photo, it states “eyes must be open and clearly visible”, “facial expression must be neutral”, both edges of the face must be clearly seen with shoulders squared to the camera. ‘These seem quite impossible to me, I’m not sure how other parents find it!”


Nigerian female soccer star, Asisat Oshoala begs Davido for his private jet, says she is stranded in Spain

Super Falcons star and FC Barcelona FemenΓ­ forward, Asisat Oshoala has reached out to Nigerian singer, Davido for help after finding it difficult to return home due to the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world. This is coming as a result of the cancellation of the Spanish Primera Iberdrola earlier this month due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Taking to her Twitter page, she wrote, “Abeg who get private jey wey him no dey use for now. Please comman carry me from Barcelona to Lagos, I want to go home.”


Abeg who get private jet wey him no Dey use for now 😩😩, please Comman carry me from Barcelona to Lagos 😭😭😭…..I want to go home 😩😩 — ASISAT M.O.N (@AsisatOshoala) May 22, 2020

Davido biko can I CALL YOU ? Comman borrow me your jet 🌚🌚 @davido 🀣 — ASISAT M.O.N (@AsisatOshoala) May 24, 2020


Trump orders investigation into the police killing of a black man in the US


The US President, Donald Trump, has ordered an investigation into the killing of a middle-aged black man, George Floyd, on Wednesday. The 45th US president described Floyd’s death as “very sad and tragic” while commiserating with his family on the loss. The POTUS, who ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Department of Justice to expedite the probe, vowed that justice would be served on the matter.

“At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd. “I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served!” Trump tweeted.

Video [posted on social media showed that Floyd died shortly after four police officers assaulted him in Minneapolis, a city in Minnesota. One of the officers was seen in a video kneeling on his neck while he was handcuffed. “Your knee in my neck. I can’t breathe… Mama. Mama,” Floyd pleaded, slowly grew silent and motionless, unable to move even as the officers taunted him to “get up and get in the car”.

He was taken to the hospital where he was later declared dead. After dismissing the four officers involved, Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, expressed outrage as calls rose for them to be prosecuted for murder.

Source: CorrectNg

Gospel singer, Sinach maintains number 1 spot on Billboard USA for “Christian Songwriter” category


Top Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Joseph popularly known as Sinach, has continued to top Billboard USA for the “Christian Songwriter” category. Earlier this year, she emerged the first African gospel artiste to top the category and her standing at that spot has spanned a continuous period of 10 weeks.


The excited 47-year-old praise and worship singer made the original big announcement on her Instagram page.

Sharing the good news to her over 1 million fans, the “Way Maker” crooner wrote; “So apparently We have been No 1 on billboard USA for Christian song writer for 7 weeks !! Look at God!! First Black person. “First from Africa … So grateful to God!! Thank you @billboard #loveworld❤️ @joe_egbu πŸ’•πŸ’• @integritymusic #speedoftheHiolyGhost #sponsoredbygrace #sinach #waymaker”. In a new post onher Twitter account, the gospel singer informed her fans of how long she has been topping the chart. She shared a new photo and captioned it; “10 weeks on no. 1”. See her post:

Source: CorrectNG

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Roman Abramovich’s £66million Private Jet With Banquet Hall (Pictures) 

CHELSEA owner Roman Abramovich owns a fleet of amazing aircraft.

But the jewel in his collection of private planes is a customised Boeing 767-33A ER nicknamed 'The Bandit' worth £66m.




Roman Abramovich

Military Airstrikes Kill 135 Bandits, Destroy Camps In Katsina, Zamfara 

The Nigerian Military on Saturday said it has killed at least 135 armed bandits during air-raids across Katsina and Zamfara states.

According to a statement signed by a military spokesman, Major General, John Enenche, the air raids, executed by the air component of Operation Hadarin Daji, took place between May 20 and 22.

The military said it also neutralised bandit camps.Nigeria has, in recent years, witnessed a rise in banditry across the country, including in the north-western states of Zamfara and Katsina.

The military said its air-raids, which are conducted based on credible intelligence reports, are intended to rid the north-west of the armed bandits.

Read the military full’s statement below:


1. As part of the renewed offensive to rid the North West of the Country of armed bandits and other criminal elements, the Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI has decimated several camps and neutralized no fewer than 135 armed bandits in massive air raids executed at several locations in Katsina and Zamfara States between 20 and 22 May 2020. The air strikes were undertaken sequel to credible Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports as well as series of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions that led to the identification of the camps, which include Abu Radde Camps 1 and 2 and Dunya in Jibia and DanMusa Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Katsina State as well as Hassan Tagwaye’s Camp; Alhaji Auta’s Camp and Maikomi in Birnin Magaji and Zurmi LGAs of Zamfara State.

2. The air interdiction missions were painstakingly undertaken by the Air Component as it dispatched its attack aircraft to the locations in multiple bombing runs, some of which were executed simultaneously. At the Abu Radde Camps on 20 May 2020, a set of huts housing one of the notorious bandit leaders was taken out by air strikes with scores of the bandits killed and few seen fleeing with gunshot wounds towards the Dumburum Forest. Similar air raids were executed at Hassan Tagwaye’s and Alhaji Auta’s Camps as well as at Maikomi with equally devastating effects. HUMINT reports later confirmed that no fewer than 135 bandits were neutralized by the series of air strikes at the various locations.

3.     The Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) commends the Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI for their professionalism and directs them to remain resolute, in order to achieve the directives of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)to restore normalcy to all parts of Nigeria.

4.     You are please requested to disseminate this information, along with the attached declassified short video clip of the attack on Abu Radde’s Camps, through your medium for the awareness of the general public. Thank you for your usual support and cooperation.

Major General
Defence Media Operations
Defence Headquarters
23 May 2020

Spanish Government Okays La Liga To Resume From June 8

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirms La Liga 2019/20 season can resume from 8 June.

The statement was made during this afternoon’s press conference, in which he assured “the worst is behind us” after COVID-19 deaths and new cases fell significantly in recent weeks.

“La Liga can begin again from June 8. The ball will roll with all the necessary health and safety conditions in place.”

The PM also announced that the borders were opening up again to tourists from July onwards.

Although June 8 is the earliest possible date for the games, it remains to be seen if that will be the precise kick-off or several days later.

The German Bundesliga has already resumed last weekend, while the Portuguese Primera Liga starts up on June 3 and its season is due to end on July 21.

Serie A is on track to begin games from June 13 or 20.


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How to Make Ikokore Ijebu  Nigerian cuisine offers great diversity, which is attractive to tourists. It’s rich, tasty exquisite, though ...

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